Affordable Pabx Prices In Bangladesh

Affordable Pabx Prices In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but it’s also struggling with a lack of affordable telecommunication services. With more than half a million people still without access to modern telecommunications, there’s no doubt that a new solution is needed. Fortunately for them and their businesses, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled this list of affordable pabx prices in Bangladesh so you can choose the best option for your needs:

Panasonic KX-TD816

Panasonic KX-TD816 is a digital hybrid PABX system. It has 8 extensions and 2 ports, which can be used for different purposes. The LCD display is also present on this unit to display the caller ID, call status and other information.

The above mentioned feature makes it easy for you to check your calls from anywhere in the house or office without having to go through any hassle of looking at an old fashioned phone book or dialing numbers manually. You can even make calls while listening to music on your smartphone or tablet!

The KX-TD816 automatic dialing with hold function makes sure that there won’t be any missed calls if someone needs assistance urgently (elderly people especially). This system allows users who have multiple lines within one building/building area location access them all simultaneously without having problems due lack of bandwidth issues between them all together compared with single line systems where each line requires separate bandwidth allocation hence making things difficult when needed most urgently such as during power outages etc..

Panasonic KX-TDA50G

Panasonic KX-TDA50G is a digital pabx system with 4 ports. It has 2-way intercom, auto attendant, music on hold and call waiting features. The price of this product is BDT 26,999/-

Panasonic KX-TES32

Panasonic KX-TES32 is a two line phone that comes with voicemail, call waiting, call hold and three touchtone buttons. It also has a built-in speakerphone with noise suppression feature to provide clear voice quality during conference calls.

The Panasonic KX-TES32 features include:

  • Voicemail compatible with GmailTM & Yahoo!TM Mail accounts.
  • Call Waiting Support – You can add additional numbers or groups of extensions in your phone book via this feature so that when an incoming call reaches one of those numbers/extensions, it will ring through as well without disturbing anyone else on the line (this feature is not available for 1VA phones).
  • Call Hold – If you have selected a particular extension but cannot answer immediately due to any reason then simply press 9 again and wait for 5 seconds before picking up again using single button operation system which saves both time & energy for users’ convenience

Panasonic KX-TEM824

The Panasonic KX-TEM824 is a great phone for anyone who needs a PABX but doesn’t want to spend too much. It offers all the features you need, including caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. You can also use it as an intercom system if necessary or connect it up with other devices like Bluetooth headsets or speakers so that everybody can hear what’s going on in your office.

The main benefit of this model is its price point: it costs only $100! This makes it one of the most affordable options available on eBay right now (and there are plenty more expensive models out there).

NEC SV9100

The NEC SV9100 is a digital phone system with a large backlit LCD display, built-in modular expansion slot and optional integrated fax/modem. It’s designed for small businesses or office environments in need of a basic PBX system that can be easily expanded should you decide to add more features or functionality down the road.

The NEC SV9100 offers an intuitive touch screen interface along with full access to all features via its easy-to-use web browser interface. The unit has many advantages over traditional analog systems including:

  • Large LCD display (16×1) so you can see what’s going on at all times; no more lost buttons!
  • Built-in modular expansion slot so you can grow into new technologies as needed

NEC SL1100

NEC SL1100

NEC SL1100 is a digital PABX system that helps businesses to communicate with their customers and agents. The system has a capacity of up to 3,000 stations. It offers various features such as voicemail message storage, call forwarding and holding, music on hold and more. The price starts at Tk 799 per month for 2-line model (2 lines with 2 extensions). If you want an unlimited number of extensions then it will cost you Tk 1,859 per month for 5 lines model (5 lines with 5 extensions).

Affordable Pabx Prices in Bangladesh

There are a lot of cheap PABXs in Bangladesh, but you need to choose the right one for your business. The Panasonic KX-TD816 is one of the best and most affordable options.

This PABX can handle up to 8 lines with 12 channels per line and has a price tag of only $1,600 (1). It’s also easy to install and use, so if you have basic PC skills then this could be ideal for your business needs. You’ll need an additional box that plugs into the back of your computer (2). This will let you connect all other devices such as fax machines or modems – just make sure they’re compatible with Windows Vista / 7 before buying them!

If you are looking for a PABX BD price in Bangladesh, then the above four models will be a good choice. They have all been tested by us and they offer great features at an affordable cost.